Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ex-Goldman Trader Keeps Loans Flowing To Oil & Gas Producers

From the Financial Times:
A former senior trader at Goldman Sachs has linked with AllianceBernstein to lend billions of dollars to US oil and gas producers, offsetting a trend towards scarcer financing for the energy sector.

The availability of credit is a crucial variable for forecasting oil output after the recent price collapse. If drillers cannot borrow, it will hasten the decline in production and help bring a glutted market into balance.

While there are signs money is tighter, the partnership announced on Wednesday by AllianceBernstein, the asset manager, and HudsonField, a recently formed energy merchant, shows investors are willing to finance some oil and gas companies.

“We genuinely believe there are many proficient operators who can produce economically, even in this price environment,” said Ben Freeman, HudsonField’s founder and chief executive who was Goldman’s global head of oil derivatives trading.

AllianceBernstein has raised $2bn to lend mainly to middle-market oil and gas companies. HudsonField will identify operators in shale basins such as the Eagle Ford and Permian of Texas and the Utica and Marcellus of the north-east, Mr Freeman said.

HudsonField’s other businesses will consist of trading physical oil and gas and offering hedges such as fixed price contracts to producers. Its senior management includes former executives from Goldman, Trafigura, the trading house, and Buckeye Partners, an energy transport group. Its name comes from its two office locations: in New York on the Hudson river and in Houston near Texas oilfields....MORE