Monday, October 19, 2015

"Advice for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes from former Apple exec"

From the Mercury-News' SiliconBeat blog:

Advice for Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes from former Apple exec
Theranos’ troubles seem to be mounting. 
On Monday, Jean-Louis Gassee, the former head of engineering at Apple and a prolific, influential blogger, published a post detailing his experience with Theranos’ lab at the Walgreens on University Avenue in Palo Alto. 
The upshot: The results from his repeated blood tests from the Theranos lab were quite off from his results at his regular Stanford lab. 
Gassee wrote an undated letter to Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO of Theranos, who has promised to make blood tests more affordable and more accessible. 
He detailed his experience, asked for a response before he blogged on the topic and offered some advice (Setting up an account, getting the app to work was difficult, several system errors, unfriendly UI…) 
Holmes and Theranos didn’t reply. 
Gassee’s post is just the latest attack on Theranos’ technology and integrity. Last week, the Wall Street Journal wrote about how FDA officials had made a surprise visit to the company and how the company’s technology was allegedly so problematic that the company had abandoned it for many tests, as I wrote about here....MORE
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