Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DealBreaker Has Succeeded In Becoming The Onion Of The Investment Sphere

Or sphereoid.
Or ovoid.
Or oblate spheroid.

Whatevs, the point is, FT Alphaville's David Keohane not only directed us to one of the funniest Gen Y stories in months:
- Newly-launched Fintech startup cunningly preys on the lazy, underinformed entitlement of Millennials.
but when we follow the link we find, as a kind of bonus:
Wharton Would Really Like For Wharton Alum President Trump To Shut The F#ck Up About Wharton 
Marvel At The Derivative On Its Derivatives That Credit Suisse Wrote To Itself 

Jeff Bezos to Employees: You Don’t Work In A Dystopian Hellscape, Do You? DO YOU?!?! 
Congregants Of Church Whose Pastor (Allegedly!) Traded On Inside Information Obtained From Ukrainian Hackers Pretty Sure This Whole Thing Was A Set Up
And to think I used to visit just for Matt Levine's footnotes.

Here's the rest of Keohane's Further Reading post