Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 "Stocks Suffer Biggest Monthly Drop In Five Years As Oil Spikes Most Since 1990"

From the archives, a Climateer Line of the Day winner from August 31, 2011:

Climateer Line of the Day: Meta-metaphor Edition
Mark Gongloff at MarketBeat takes the prestigious CLoD with a walk off home run (4:25 P.M. EDT timestamp): 
Well, folks, that was August. Good riddance. From a US credit-rating downgrade to an horrific hurricane, there wasn’t much good about August. 
The last day of the month ended in appropriately irritating fashion, with a big early stock-market rally losing air and sputtering around the room like an untied balloon at the world’s saddest children’s party....-August Ends, Appropriately, With a Giant Raspberry Sound
From ZeroHedge:
Forget stocks, today was all about crude oil again...WTI pushed into the green for August!!!

3 Bear markets and 3 Bull markets now in 2015 so far... perfectly tagging the 50-day moving-average today...

This is the biggest 3-day rise in WTI since 1990!!

Oil Volatility and credit markets were not squeezed into euphoria at all....MORE