Friday, July 24, 2015

Climateer Line of the Day: This Is Nuts, When's the Crash Edition

We have a rare tie for the prestigious CLoD.
And even rarer, the co-awardees represent the same organization!

First up, FT Opening Quote has a classic headline:
Pearson maintains profit guidance
Reminiscent of the June 30, 1914 FT headline on the assassination of the Archduke and the Duchess:
Stock Markets and Money
Unaffected by the Austrian News
On the other hand, at Markets Live they seem a bit giddy:
PM おはよう親愛なる読者。
PM Good morning dear readers.
PM 今日では、お祝いに、東京からの私達の新しい友人を歓迎するために、我々は市場が毎日健康でスタートを切っライブ取得するいくつかの定期的な機能を導入しています
PM Today, in celebration and to welcome our new friends from Tokyo, we are introducing a few regular feature which will get Markets Live off to a healthy start each day.
PM そこにすべての人のために…
PM For all the men out there…
This may be the first time anyone has used the word 'giddy' in reference to FT Alphaville's founder/editor/poobah Paul Murphy.

Further kudos (and on any other day a stand-alone winner) Opening Quote's opening quote:
Without fear and without favour”, and now without Pearson.
Although I liked the old FT motto better: