Monday, February 24, 2014

SolarCity Reports Earnings Today (SCTY)

So does First Solar which we had some success with during the stock's glory days. Not so with this one. We only follow it for a derivative reason. $78.65 +2.79 (3.68%)
Both SCTY and FSLR are part of our speculative issues indicator which has some predictive value as to the state of the broader market. As the juggler said, things are looking up, for now.

First solar reports tomorrow, brain spasm, sorry.   

From Slope of Hope:
I’m going to leave general market commentary until after the close. The lifetime highs virtually across the board have left my face as sheet-white as Yellen’s hair.

SolarCity reports after the close today. Two things to point out: (1) it really is a terrific chart, and I imagine it’s just going to keep charging higher, benefiting partly from “the Musk Effect” of everything the man touches turning to gold; (2) strangely, in every single earnings report of its short life, SCTY has dropped the next day 100% of the time. It’s peculiar, since the stock is so strong in general, but I wanted to point out this curious fact.