Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UPDATED--FT Alphaville's Deep Dive on Morgan Stanley on Tesla (TSLA)

Update--Paul Murphy, honcho de honchos (actually it's Japanese: han'chō group leader) at Alphaville posted the MS bull/bear case in the comments.
Original post:
From FT Alphaville:

This is nuts. When’s the crash?
Only 12 years to go till the “utopian society” drives up.

That arrives as part of Morgan Stanley’s latest on everybody’s favourite electric car company, Tesla.
Well, we say car company. It turns out cars are just the begining:
While acknowledging its ultimate potential, up to this point we have observed Tesla becoming more of an annoyance to the established order of automotive power rather than a true disruptor But what if Tesla’s ambitions extended further than giving high-end OEMs a run for their money? What if a period of transformational technological change in the auto industry coincided with Tesla’s application of its capabilities in hardware, software, infrastructure, and manufacturing.
What if, indeed. Words seem too puny for the scale of the possibilities here. We need boxes and numbers, really big numbers….MORE
Corrected--Forgot to Mention:Morgan Stanley Hikes Tesla Price Target To $320 (TSLA)
UPDATED--Doug Kass Shorts More Tesla at $232, Announces Company Has Fallen Into His Trap (TSLA)