Thursday, August 16, 2012

"The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory"

I knew that hanging out with psychopaths might someday pay dividends.

To Hell With Human Cooperation and Trust: There are Indeed Ultimatum Strategies to Win an Iterated Prisoners Dilemma:
Listen up you sociopathic bastards, here's your excuse....
But I sure didn't expect this.

From MIT's Technology Review:

The discovery of a winning strategy for Prisoner's Dilemma is forcing game theorists to rethink their discipline. Their conclusion? Winning isn't everything.
The world of game theory is currently on fire. In May, Freeman Dyson at Princeton University and William Press at the University of Texas announced that they had discovered a previously unknown strategy for the game of prisoner's dilemma which guarantees one player a better outcome than the other.

That's a monumental surprise. Theorists have studied Prisoner's Dilemma for decades, using it as a model for the emergence of co-operation in nature. This work has had a profound impact on disciplines such as economics, evolutionary biology and, of course, game theory itself....MUCH MORE
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