Monday, March 12, 2012

"Swiss voters reject longer holidays in referendum" (Zürich okays 'Sex boxes')

Ah, the Swiss.
From the BBC:
Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposal to give themselves more annual leave in a national referendum.
The plan would have given workers six weeks off a year, but business groups warned about the cost to the economy.

In other referendums, voters in Zurich agreed to the creation of "sex boxes" where prostitutes can work. In Geneva, residents voted to tighten restrictions on street protests.

Referendums are a key part of Switzerland's direct democracy system.

The Swiss frequently have their say on changes to laws, budgets, or any issue that 100,000 citizens say they feel strongly about....MORE
You'll note that the ratepayer-supported and government-subsidized BBC couldn't even cough up a couple umlauts for Zürich.