Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Children Who Snore Grow Up to Be Crazy"

From Gawker:
Have you ever looked in on your beautiful child slumbering and heard him or her "snoring?" Sorry to tell you this, but. Your kid will be all fucked up (psychologically).

We can say this with certitude due to recent scientific findings that link snoring among children to those same children being all fucked up in the head. Specifically, "children with breathing issues during sleep were between 40% and 100% more likely to develop 'neurobehavioural problems' by the age of seven." "Neurobehavioral problems" is a polite way of saying "hyperactivity or anxiety or depression or some other brain shit that will make your child so absolutely unbearable that you'll pine for the days when you only had their ceaseless, chainsaw-like snoring to worry about."

Should you just go ahead and put your snoring child out of his or her misery, as a preventative measure?...MORE