Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Natural Gas: Iran Making War Noises Against Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has natural gas reserves of 30 trillion cubic feet.
From NewsAZ:

Iran still 'cannot accept' independent Azerbaijan
Iran's presentation of a note of protest to the Azerbaijani ambassador yesterday was covered not just by Azerbaijani media, but by most of the leading international media too.

In a nutshell, the note said that Azerbaijan had allowed the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to operate on its territory against Iran, had given terrorists who killed Iranian nuclear scientists free access to the country and accused it of other issues.

The absurdity of the note was stated yesterday by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry. As the head of the Presidential Administration's sociopolitical department, Ali Hasanov, said, it is not clear what Iran wants from Azerbaijan and why it is making these accusations.

What can Iran, which cannot protect its nuclear scientists, or to be more exact cannot organize their protection, want from Azerbaijan? During the Soviet era, scientists dealing with nuclear issues were not killed by enemy countries, moreover, no one even knew who they were.  ...MORE
Here's the 'hood:
Map of Azerbaijan

Also from NewsAZ:
'Europe must seize Azerbaijani gas with both hands'
News.Az interviews Ali Masimli, former premier of the Azerbaijani government, currently member of the parliamentary committee for economic policy of Milli Majlis. 
EU Energy Commissioner Gunter Oettinger said that in the coming 2-3 months he expects Azerbaijan to take a decision on the ways to supply gas to Europe. What has caused the delay in adoption of a decision on this issue?

Azerbaijan is the only country which supports Nabucco in action rather than on words. Naturally, there are some technical and price issues related to the transportation of Azerbaijani gas to Europe. However, the delays in this issue deal a blow on Azerbaijan, since Azerbaijan is inserted pressure. However, this is unnoticeable in public policy, while pressure is inserted by the forces which strive not to allow the implementation of Nabucco.

Additionally, I have to noted that the volumes of natural gas exported by Azerbaijan are growing every year and the markets for the sale of this gas must be defined on par. For transition to the next phase of raising gas production, Azerbaijan needs investments which in turn require clarity on the markets of sale. However, there is no such clarity from the European part. “Gas wars”, “Gas blackmail”, or the loss of a definite volume of gas transported to Europe over sharp cold reminded the West of existence of the source of natural gas in Azerbaijan, in general, on the Caspian Sea.

In this respect, Europe must seize the alternative source of gas with both hands. However, it is regretful that negotiations on this issue are ‘secondary’. Responsible European officials and organizations must deal with the issue of Azerbaijani gas seriously. The diversification of energy sources is more necessary to Europe than Azerbaijan needs the solution of the issue to find new markets for the sale of its gas....MORE