Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Stocks Wildly Oversold: Birinyi" (DIA; SPY; NDX)

We were holding this at DJIA 100 down, trying to be cute and post at the day's low.
I looked away and now we're only down 10.
From MarketBeat:

The stock market is wildly oversold, according to a new note from Birinyi Research.

Three indicators on the Birinyi dashboard — the S&P 500′s 10-day advance/decline line, the S&P’s spread over its 50-day moving average, and the five-day average of the CBOE put/call ratio — are all signaling the market’s selloff has gone too far.

And almost all of the S&P sectors, excluding tech and financials, are at “absolute buy” levels, according to Birinyi....MORE
A huge tell was Apple keeping its head while all about...
This is the turn I was looking for in yesterday's "Too Many People Are Beginning to Realize Stocks are in a Downtrend, We're Approaching a Reversal (TLT; JNK; VXX)".
No clue how long it will last but at today's low we were down over 1000 DJIA points since July 22nd.