Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rare Earths: Molycorp Registers Some Stock (and why did Morgan Stanley pick up 8,439,008 shares?) MCP

The stock is up $2.97 at $49.30.
The 200 day at $51.39 didn't provide any support on the way down and shouldn't have much influence on the way up. The overarching concern is the general market, currently up 2.21% on the S&P, at 1144.15.
The company reports earnings on Thursday.
A couple offering filings from the SEC:

An S-3 automatic shelf registration dated August 5, 2011
A form 424b3 prospectus supplement dated August 5, 2011
Disclosing the seller (recently acquired Silmet), number of shares (1,593,419) and offering price ($56.07)

On the other side of the ledger we have a 13G filing from Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Here's the August 8 initial filing for the July 29, 2011 event.
And here we have the complete text file.

Thank you EDGAR.