Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Last Transmission of a Spanish Market Observer (and will JP Morgan be downgraded?) JPM USAA+

"The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time"

-Edward, Viscount Grey
British Foreign Secretary
 August 3, 1914

The next day the United Kingdom declared war on Germany.

I may be mixing up my First World War history with the Spanish/Italian bond offerings and France's AAA.
Anyhoo, here's IBEX Salad:

A short note on the risks of spending too much time entertained by brightly coloured figures moving about on one's hand-held device whilst riding a bicycle.

The market's five-week long fixation on headlines emanating from Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome or Washington came to an end on Wednesday with the sudden realization that it had managed, in its rapture, to blindly pedal from the credit crisis fairground on to the economy autobahn. The result is obvious on the left.

The industry-stacked Dax underperformed the bank-heavy Ibex 35 by about 3.2 percent over the course of the mayhem.

Of course, this may all be an irrelevant sideshow, what with a certain palpable sense of panic in the air with respect to Monday morning.

Will France retain its AAA?
Will JP Morgan be downgraded?
Here's a snip from Pragmatic Capitalism:

 ...In a comment Friday Niels Jensen of Absolute Return Partners stopped in to provide his perspective of the downgrade.  He said:
“I suspect you are all missing the bigger picture. The downgrade of US sovereign is NOT irrelevant because it will force S&P to (a) downgrade JP Morgan (as the sovereign stands behind the banking system, you cannot have a bank rated higher than the sovereign), and (b) downgrade several European sovereigns, most notably France. Once France get downgraded, several French banks will get downgraded. It will then spread to other countries, and we have the potential for another crisis, so don’t underestimate the significance of this.”

On second thought I think I'll stick with Lord Grey for a bit longer.