Friday, June 10, 2011

Scripophily Recapitulates Philately II

As I said in the first iteration of "Scripophily Recapitulates Philately":
No it doesn't, no more so than "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" but I was stuck for a headline.
I've referred to various stock frauds as a "potentially fine bit of scripophily" and posted old certs but never got around to a post devoted to the hobby.

From the amazing come annotated stock certificates:

Hey, Mister Train - I have to deliver flowers and a frisbee. Race ya! (Several seconds later, he had not only kicked the head off that poor pipe-laborer, but found himself dealing with what they call "a Boeing Suppository.")
The Pennsylvania New York Central Transportation Company - shortened to Penn Central - was a collection of merged lines that survived as a corporate entity for a whopping eight years before it was folded into something else. You'll note that Mercury isn't delivering a Frisbee, of course - it's magnetic tape, a computer storage medium. Thus are the old gods pressed into service of the new ones. 

What's hanging down there between his legs, well, I have no idea.