Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Jim Cramer is an Insufferable Jackass"

This is not news, from Dow Jones' Market Talk:
I studiously avoid watching Jim Cramer. It’s not that he’s a stupid man, he’s a very smart man. It’s not that he isn’t a successful man, he a very successful. It’s not that he makes bad calls. Well, it’s not solely that he makes bad calls.

It’s that he’s an insufferable jackass.

So last night he’s on his show, trying to convince his viewers not to panic and to stay with stocks, and he rips Kelly Evans over her Ahead of the Tape column yesterday about auto-parts stores. Now, whether or not Kelly’s right or wrong can’t be decided in one day. Whether or not anybody who writes a column or hosts a show for a living can ever be 100% right isn’t the point either.

It’s not the shot at Kelly that got me. It was the shot at his viewers’ intelligence.

So, here’s Cramer, a guy who as you’ll see momentarily has been massively wrong in the past. Not just wrong, but spectacularly, historically wrong, and he’s on cable TV last night telling people to keep buying stocks....MORE

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