Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Nathan Myhrvold’s Lobbying Efforts Lead to . . . a Strange Lawsuit."

We've been chronicling Mr. Myhrvold for a while now, links below.
From the Wall Street Journal's Law blog:
How’s this: A lawsuit that pits a former Ross Perot presidential running mate against the king of patent aggregating/molecular cooking — with a cameo role from organized labor?

A breach of contract suit filed in federal court in the District of Columbia this week has all that and more.
The suit was filed by Pat Choate of Ross Perot running-mate fame and also a noted author of books on economic development and intellectual property issues.

Choate (pictured) is suing Nathan Myhrvold’s secretive Intellectual Ventures, the mega patent aggregator, over a lobbying contract as reported here on Patrick Anderson’s blog.

Myhrvold, who critics have labeled a “patent troll” recently released his mega cookbook on the science behind cooking.

Here’s what happened, according to the lawsuit: Choate was hired by Peter Harter, IV’s Washington lobbyist, in 2006 to blunt the patent reform movement churning in Congress that could have weakened the rights of patent owners such as Myhrvold.

Choate testifed on behalf of patent owners and secured a spot in 2007 at a secret, invite-only meeting with all members of the House Judiciary Committee that was considering patent-reform legislation....MORE
HT: I think it was Overlawyered

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Really Smart Investing
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This, of course, reminded me of the Ocean Tomo 300™ index....
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