Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"The Secondary Market Universe is Expanding!"

From PE Hub:
The secondary market is expanding at a blinding pace. SecondMarket recently revealed plans to substantially increase its offerings of pre-IPO company stock to about 12,000. SharesPost, which said it will follow in SecondMarket’s footsteps and seek to become a registered broker-dealer under FINRA, is likely not too far behind.

Already, secondary market trading has provided a valuation boost for many VCs’ assets, including Facebook, Twitter and Zynga. Now, the kudzu-like expansion of startups’ inclusion in the market will generate more short-term profit and loftier expectations for investors, many of which have no affiliation to venture capital or to VC LPs. This comes as the S.E.C. conducts an inquiry into the secretive marketplaces and as prominent politicians from both sides of the aisle seek more information on them as well....MORE

Draper-Backed Xpert Financial To Launch Private "Secondary" Stock Exchange
We looked at a couple of these little critters, SharesPost and SecondMarket in mid-2009.
This one could be a big deal, what with the hype created by secondary (typing the word I can't get over how un-'33 act it sounds) trading of Facebook.