Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PIMCO's Bill Gross Tells Investors About The Time He Acted Like A Cheap Prick To A Waitress

Last year we had Mr. Gross turning down loan requests from Warren Buffett and Sam Walton.
Now this, from DealBreaker:
As most of civilized society knows, it’s considered pretty classless to mistreat waiters or waitresses, and a pretty fool-proof indication of your character. In fact, there’s only one acceptable way to act like an insufferable prick to a person waiting on you, and that’s beginning a meal by whipping out a stack of singles and telling the server, “Let’s establish something. You are, I assume, expecting a tip? This pile of one dollar bills represents your potential tip. Every time you please me, you’ll see the pile grow. However, if I am unsatisfied...MORE
MarketBeat picked up on the waitress story but appears to take particular umbrage at the very notion of Mr. Gross' literary stylings:

Bill Gross: His Most Obnoxious Note Ever!
Where should we start? Bond king — or former bond king? – Bill Gross is out with his monthly investment outlook note. Mr. Gross is not merely satisfied managing the world’s largest bond fund. (Pimco Total Return Fund: $240.7 billion in assets in December.) Nay, he fancies himself something of a scribe, and his monthly investment outlook is where he talks his book for a few hundred words spicing it up with some belabored metaphors and a self-serving analogy, or several. But there are a few things that stick in our craw about this month’s note....MORE 
That is professional pixilator Matt Phillips.
[Don't mind Mr. C, he's trying to combine the computer science term pixelate with a word for whimsical/bemused.  el vs. il. I prefer the second of these definitions -ed]