Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"New Upleg for Cisco" (CSCO)

Yesterday the stock closed up 2.9% at $24.77.
A mighty fine chart.
[every sunken ship had a chart -ed]

And some heightened expectations. From TechEYE:
Cisco to report 28 percent sales growth turnaround
From the AP:
Earnings Preview: Cisco results back to 2008's

From MPTrader via Market Oracle:
Without a doubt, CSCO has carved out a 2 1/2-month base-like accumulation pattern since mid-May, which heretofore registered multiple rally failures in the vicinity of 24.00 ... until today, that is.

Let's notice the upside thrust from 24.00 to today's high at 24.65. My work argues that it is the initiation of a new upleg to fulfill the upside potential projected off of the bullish pattern, which points to a minimum target of 24.90-25.20 to the 27.00 area over time....

...Only a sudden downside reversal that violates last Friday's low at 23.60 will wreck the impressive technical set-up....MORE