Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Hapoalim Securities Cautious On Solar Names" Climateer Asks "Who Really Cares What they Think?" (FSLR, SPWRA)

I am not all that impressed with Hapoalim.
Back on June 8 we posted "Hapoalim Cuts First Solar Target to $65 on Cadmium Telluride Risk; It Won't Matter and Probably Sets an Intermediate Low (FSLR)".

The stock did indeed set an intermediate low that day, at $100.19. It started running and didn't look back until it hit $140.00 on July 23.
On July 29 FSLR reported second quarter numbers.
The next day Hapoalim upped their target with nary a mention of the CdTe risk that was ostensibly the reason they initiated at sell:
Analysts at Hapoalim Securities maintain their "sell" rating on First Solar ( FSLR), while raising their estimates for the company. The target price for FSLR is set to $100....MORE
The stock headed south.
Monday they came out with a bit o'the bloomin' obvious:
Hapoalim Securities is out with a research report this morning, where it takes a look at the price performance of solar stock following strong results and higher guidance.
The analyst said that the stocks have typically sold off in the following weeks as both positives and negatives become worked into the stock price; profit taking then occurs.
The analysts noted “fuzzy guidance” and price reductions by First Solar (FSLR ) and Sunpower Corp. ( SPWRB)...MORE 
Both links via Benzinga.
I'm starting to think that Hapoalim could cost an investor some real money.

At least they didn't pull the grandstanding stunts of Brigantine Advisors Ramesh Misra who put out a sell on CREE and a Buy on FSLR the very days they reported.
As the British nature shows used to say, when the lions approached the Wildebeests:

Sadly now, there can be but one outcome.

The sell, CREE released after-hours and ran 17.30% the next day.
The buy, FSLR reported AH and the next day dropped 8.14% the next day.
Personally I think we'll see some multiple contraction in FSLR but that is very different from what Hapoalim (or Brigantine) are saying. See:
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