Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First they Came for the Investment Banks: "UBS Sued For Copying And Pasting"

Apologies to the literary estate of Pastor Niemöller.
From DealBreaker:
When you work for UBS, on any given day of the week, you know there are an endless amount of ways for your company to potentially embarrass itself. Obviously there’s the ‘lose, like, insane amounts of money’ route, in addition to the tax stuff– always good for a little egg on the face– but also lots of much more creative ways to get the job done that don’t take much man power.

For example, you could piss off a client so much that he makes good on his threat to chain a bull to the side of your building. Or, you could get shitfaced at a strip club and while being arrested for driving while under the influence (and carrying an unlicensed firearm), feel the need to tell the officer you’re a managing director at the Swiss bank. And so on and so forth. Alternatively, if you’re an unimaginative fuck but still want to do the brand proud, you could just go with a move de rigeur among lazy high school students.
UBS AG’s U.K. unit was sued for allegedly copying articles from oil and gas publications and reprinting them in the investment research it distributed to clients....MORE
Hey! I resemble that remark.
[as you copied and pasted DealBreaker -ed]