Monday, September 28, 2009

Iran Tests Longest Range Missle

From the BBC:

Iran has successfully test-fired some of the longest range missiles in its arsenal, state media say.

The Revolutionary Guards tested the Shahab-3 and Sajjil rockets, which are believed to have ranges of up to 2,000km (1,240 miles), reports said.

The missiles' range could potentially permit them to reach Israel and US bases in the Gulf, analysts say....MORE

From our July '08 post "Oil: Apparently There's Even More to the Iran Missile Story" (remember that missle test?*):

I may have been premature in posting "Oil: Iran has Photoshop, not afraid to use it"*
From a genius, cowicide, via flickr:

More Cowbell

Don't fear the reaper.

*I swiped that headline from the Waco Tribune. The Guardian asks "Has Iran joined the axis of Photoshop?" As the New York Times put it...