Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harry Reid Harshes Panel’s Mellow

Headline and post from GTM Research (Greentech Media):
During a panel on carbon-based greentech financing at Always On's Going Green event, Jon Anda, Visiting Fellow, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, delivered news that harshed everyone's mellow.

"Washington did not have a Going Green day. My phone has been buzzing all day. It does not look like the Senate is going to pass a climate bill this year. According to Harry Reid, we're not going to have anything till next year," he said.

According to E&E News, Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader (D-Nev.) told the Senate on Tuesday that energy and climate change might have to wait until next year, given the crowded legislative schedule. (Socialism, Communism, death panels, healthcare.)

There remains the possibility that the energy piece of the bill might be decoupled from from the climate change portion.

The mood of the cap-and-trade-related entrepreneurs and investors was significantly deflated after this news.