Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Duran Duran To Record New Global Warming Song With Celebs

We've debate this crucial point many times: "What should the Climateer Investing theme song be?"
From Ecorazzi:

Who doesn’t love their week to start off with a little Duran Duran news? I personally start everyday with their 1982 hit Rio.

According to AFP, the “Fab Five” have agreed to join more than 55 world celebrities in recording a song to draw attention to the global warming crisis. It’s all part of a mass media campaign on the threats of climate change organized by the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum, headed by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan. Titled, “Beds’r Burnin”, the song is a remake of the 80s hit with a similar name by the Australian group Midnight Oil.

In a sea of God-awful environmental songs (the most recent exception being one from They Might Be Giants), we’re psyched that this campaign is taking the easy way out with a song that’s already certified classic. It’s got the kind of chorus that’s catchy and inspires a wave of the lighter (or cellphone) into the air.

According to AFP, some of the other celebrities involved include French ‘Piaf’ actress Marion Cotillard, Senegalese star Youssou N’dour, Irish singer/composer Bob Geldorf, Chinese singer Khalil Fong, and even a Nobel peace laureate, South African archbishop Desmond Tutu. Heavy Metal band Scorpions are also on board.

The song will be available as a free download October 1st — after a public launch in Paris. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck. Check out the original eco-themed Midnight Oil below:

Our choice ended up being "I Melt With You" by Modern English:

The Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane" had a substantial contingent.

My personal fav was the carbon traders anthem "Southern Cross":

...So we cheated and we lied
And we tested
And we never failed to fail
It was the easiest thing to do.
You will survive being bested.
Somebody fine
Will come along
Make me forget about loving you...

Joanie Mitchell got a few carbon trader votes for her cameo in "Enron:The Musical (ENE)":

As Sting once said:
...Poets, priests and politicians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no-one's jamming their transmission
And when their eloquence escapes you
Their logic ties you up and rapes you...