Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Solar Stocks Advance as U.S. States Push for Installations

We like Tickerspy's Swine Flu Index. From TickerSpy via Yahoo:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to pump up California's renewable energy and New York is offering China-like solar subsidies.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants 33% of the state's electric utilities to draw on renewable energy sources by the end of the next decade, saying this morning, "With this action, we will ensure that California remains the pioneer in clean energy and clean jobs."

Meanwhile on the other coast, the New York Power Authority has offered up 50% subsidies for solar installations. Spokeswoman Christine Pritchard said there is an estimated $2 million available, which will probably help fund 50 to 80 solar power systems, according to Newsday....MORE

Don't forget Tennessee (AP via Forbes):

Feds OK Tenn. plan to use stimulus money for solar