Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ethanol: "Brown-Forman profit rises after costs are cut" (BF.A BF.B)

Just kidding. I saw the stock on the percent up list and thought, "We haven't had an ethanol story in ages".
Our last Brown-Forman post was "Whiskey maker battles Tennessee drought":
...UPDATE: Never Mind.

"As most savvy drinkers are by now aware, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is no longer with us."

"It has been knifed in the back by the greedy corporate clowns at Brown-Forman, the conglomerate that bought the Jack Daniel distillery in 1956. Mr. Daniel’s once excellent whiskey began life as a 90 proof liquor, but about 17 years ago the proof was lowered to 86. Now it has been lowered again, to a timid 80 proof. America’s best bourbon is now a ghost. "

From Modern Drunkard Magazine

Cap-and-trade is the spawn of Satan.
(see T3 tax below for one way we might go)
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    I like to start with red wine, then shift to vodka cocktails, back off to cheap American lager, then charge ahead with Jack Daniels on the rocks. ...
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