Friday, September 4, 2009

Cree: IBM Rumor Resurfaces (Updated) CREE

Cree closed up 2.5%.
Eric Savitz is a machine. I count 11 posts today*, note his opening line. From Tech Trader Daily:

Nature abhors a vacuum. So when you get a slow news day like this one, traders invent things to trade on. Ergo, we get a revival of the old rumor that Cree (CREE), maker of LED lighting, might be an acquisition target for IBM (IBM). Huh? Why would IBM want to be in the LED lighting market?

Yeesh. You’d think someone could at least freshen up the rumor a bit. When this idea cropped up in March 2008, an analyst at Morgan Keegan noted that it made no sense. When it resurfaced in August 2008, an American Technology Research analyst responded that, again, the concept made no sense....MORE, including an update.

*He's been clocked him at over 30 posts/day during earnings season but still...

We are fans. From "Barron's Tech Trader Daily Goes to All Solar Format (AMAT; CSIQ; JASO; STP; TSL; YGE)":

Mr. Savitz is the top rated morning drivetime blogger in the Palo Alto (okay, Bay area) market. Now W-TTD breaks new ground with their fourth solar post of the day...


Solar: Eric Savitz, Wordsmith Extrordinaire at Barron's, Has Lost It

We're Tardy: "Solar Shrs Jump; Senate Adds Solar ITC To Bailout Bill"

We have a (nearly) foolproof system. When something comes through the feedreaders from one of the Dow Jones heavy-hitters, Savitz at Tech Trader Daily, Johnson at Environmental Capital or Gaffen at MarketBeat, the siren goes off and strobe lights start flashing.
A recording of teletype clatter kicks in and ticker tape drops from the ceiling.
And yet...
We missed this from Mr. Savitz this morning...