Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Climateer Line of the Day: GE Edition

ZeroHedge takes both first place and Miss Congeniality:

JPM Upgrades GE For No Reason, Just "Sentiment" And "Investor Numbness"
A month ago, Goldman had no idea how to run the market higher so it quoted Barney Frank as a reason to upgrade GE and cause some serious squeezage. JP Morgan, which prudently sensed that the equity market being a derivative of the dollar weakness needs some substantiation, came out with a comparable GE upgrade last night, raising its target price from $12 to $17, not on anything as fundamental as a quote by a Congressman, but merely "on sentiment, as [it is] one of the last stocks for which a little good news can still go a long way. In the look for non-consensus, catch-up stories, GE stands out as the last, in our view." And it turns out potential upside momentum is good for a 40% increase to a multi-billion company's target price....

NBC's Meet The Press Concerned About Spread Of Disinformation On Internet
The Internet retorts that it is even more concerned by spread of disinformation by NBC/GE subsidiaries....