Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sports owner creates more efficient solar technology

An interesting followup to the post immediately below. If I were the entrenched interests in the solar biz I wouldn't want any disruptive technology upsetting my applecart.
[those clichés/metaphors aren't just mixed, they're puréed -ed]
From BakersfieldNow by way of SolarFeeds:

pyron solar cells efficiency

A slam dunk is being made in the solar power industry by Stan Ellis, owner of the Bakersfield Jam basketball team.

Ellis' San Diego-based company, Pyron Solar, has developed a new technology that will not only change the look of solar power, but also the way it's used.

"It will generate a lot of jobs for people all over the world," said Stephanie Rosenthal, president of Pyron Solar.

Many people think of large, flat panels when they think of solar power, but according to Ellis, Pyron's technology is the future.

"It makes the photovoltaic chip extremely efficient," he explained. "About 20 to 25 percent more efficient, which is more than anything in the world so far."

The new technology uses solar cells that magnify the sun by 500 times. That means the cell gets so hot, it can burn asphalt in a matter of seconds. So to keep it cool, the cells float in water making them one of a kind.

But the biggest advantage is the size.

A cluster of cells about the size of a teams logo on a football field produces as much energy as an entire football field full of old flat panels.

"It's great for the economy, (and) its great for the environment," Ellis said. "You can't beat it."

Another advantage to this new technology is that the solar energy can be delivered right though your local power company so there's no need to place cells or panels on your home.

Ellis hopes to have this solar energy in Bakersfield homes within the year.