Monday, August 3, 2009

Energy geeks rejoice! Ecobee to offer thermostat control via iPhone app (AAPL)

That's the headline at Knowledge Problem. I usually visit them for substantive blogging on electricity transmission* but this post tickled my funnybone:

Have you ever hopped into your car heading out of town, and thirty minutes down the road you wonder, “Did I remember to adjust the thermostat?”

There will soon be an app for that, at least if you have Ecobee’s thermostat and an iPhone.

Tyler Hamilton reports:

Toronto-based Ecobee Inc., which has developed a cool-looking smart thermostat that connects to your home Wi-Fi network, will soon be launching a new application that lets a person control the thermostat from their iPhone wherever they happen to be. “Basically we have created an iPhone application that turns the iPhone into a thermostat replica,” a spokesperson told me.

Or also, if you happen to be sitting on the couch watching football and decide the house is a little warm, you can adjust the thermostat without having to get up.

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