Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Battery Sweepstakes: And the Winner Is…General Motors

A follow-up to the post immediately below, "A123 Looks Set to Land U.S. Funds for Battery".
From Environmental Capital:
The Obama administration unveiled today the 48 winners in its $2.4 billion plan to kick-start U.S. production of batteries needed for the next generation of electric vehicles. Not surprisingly, the biggest winner is General Motors and its much-hyped Chevy Volt....

...As expected, A123 Systems and Johnson Controls were among the big winners. Johnson Controls landed $299 million for its battery production in Michigan and Oregon; A123 snagged $249 million for its operations in Michigan. A spate of smaller companies and research institutions snagged awards ranging from $500,000 to $160 million. Among the states, Michigan scooped up more funding than any other state....MORE