Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michigan to California: Send us your prisoners

From Reuters via CNN Money:

Financially strapped states consider a 'mutually beneficial' deal.

Michigan has to close prisons to save money. California's are bursting at the seams.

Both states are struggling with huge budget gaps.

Now, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has offered California some of the state's prisons that are slated to close at a yet-to-be-determined cost.

In a letter Monday to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Granholm formally offered to house California inmates, noting their "mutual interest in resolving budget and corrections problems, perhaps in one fell swoop."

"I believe this opportunity has great potential and could be mutually beneficial at a time when states need to rely on each other like never before," Granholm, a Democrat, wrote to her Republican counterpart.

A copy of the letter was provided to Reuters.

"It would allow California to address some of its immediate needs for additional prison beds and prisoner preparation for release and would permit some of Michigan's very talented correctional and program staff to continue working as they face the likelihood of layoff," she added....MORE