Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eliot Spitzer Not Sure He's Okay Supporting Goldman's Second Quarter Earnings

Reposted in full, from DealBreaker:
The noted hooker aficionado stopped by Bloomberg TV this morning to discuss the matter of Goldman Sachs making 'a bloody fortune,' thanks to US aid. What Big Spitz would like to know is what the bank is going to do with the capital. If they're going to create jobs, which LB and Co have yet to do, or fund companionship programs that match politicians with hot young prosities, he's got no problem. If it's going to go back into proprietary trading, etc, well, that's no good, and those 85 Broads can expect a strongly worded Slate column in the very near future, in addition to the possibility of a joint press conference on YouTube with Maxine Waters.
Ya gotta love DB, here's their liveblog of the Goldman conference call:

11:00 Music hold. Classical, with a hint of Lil Jon, which is LB's fave, and has been getting tons of play in his Top 25.

11:01 Dane Holmes, head of investor relations welcomes you, invites everyone to help themselves to a hundo.

11:02 Reading of the press release

Let this be a lesson to you all: Goldman's second quarter earnings "reflect the importance of diversifying."

11:07 Real estate hurt, kinda bad.

11:12 Compensation expenses came out to $6.6 billion-ish; headcount was down 1 percent to 29,100. Each and every one of you are missed, but LB and his bitches gotta get paid....MORE