Monday, July 13, 2009

Toyota Considering Closure of Last Auto Plant in California

As a followup to our July 1 post "Last American Automaker Pulls Out of California (GM)":
The Fremont NUMMI plant is not just the last place that American automakers had a presence in the Golden State but it is also the largest manufacturing operation in the Bay Area. The downward spiral in manufacturing looks to continue until the last holdout is waved goodbye by a left behind service sector saying "Vaya con Dios"....
We have this, via Tech Trader Daily:

The carnage in the auto industry may be about to hit Silicon Valley.

Toyota (TM) is considering close NUMMI, a Fremont, California vehicle-assembly plant that it has been operating jointly with General Motors. The revamped GM has decided to pull out of the venture, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (ergo, NUMMI) and now Toyota may close the doors on the operation, which employs 4,600 people.

“We need to determine whether it can be economically feasible to contract with NUMMI without GM,” Toyota said in a statement, according to the Wall Street Journal.”Under the current business circumstances, Toyota regrettably must also consider taking necessary steps to dissolve the joint venture.”>>>MORE