Friday, July 31, 2009

EEStor: " Leaked CEO conversation suggests electricity revolution coming "

That's The Independent's headline. The original at the New Zealand Herald is "Unlimited energy on the cheap - just a dream?". Here's the story:

Transcripts and audio files of a leaked phone conversation between the secretive CEO of Texas-based eeStore, Dick Weir, and an as yet undisclosed source have been doing the rounds online for the last 24 hours creating a stir amongst technologists and environmentalists around the world.

Whilst you'd be forgiven for thinking that a leaked phone conversation on the internet was merely yawn worthy, this particular conversation saw eeStore CEO, Weir confirming that they are mere months away from launching an uber capacitor which is an electrical component that would fully charge up in minutes yet hold enough juice to power electronic gadgets for days.

Should the scuttlebutt around this leaked conversation be something more than a cleverly orchestrated PR stunt, and eeStor's invention actually work, the implications are nothing short of revolutionary....MORE