Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stocks and Bond?: Why the CIA and MI6 Want Financial Workers

You've probably guessed, I'm in a goofy mood.
"Boozing Through Bad Times" was sourced from Modern Drunkard.
[how do you know these things? -ed]
"Biofuel: Backyard refineries blamed for fires, explosions" was proof of evolution.
(see: The Darwin Awards on thinning the herd)
Now from MarketBeat:

Financial workers left jobless by the Wall Street crisis might be ready for a career that doesn’t involved crunching infinite columns of numbers or staring blankly at the red and green flickering of terminal screens.

If so, they might give a thought to, you know, spying.

A recent story in the New York Post pointed out the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency is hoping to pick up some laid off Wall Streeters, upping its recruitment efforts with ads on business-oriented outlets such as Bloomberg Radio.

The Post writes:

The $160,000 salary is probably a huge pay cut for many of the disgraced masters of the universe. Private interviews are set for June 22 at a secret Manhattan location. Don’t call, the CIA says, just e-mail your information.
Apparently it’s not just stateside spooks who are keen on picking up former financial types....MORE
Alright, that's a threebeat, back to work.