Thursday, June 4, 2009

Solar: Sometimes It's Good to be Brave

[or nuts -ed]
Despite suffering a semi-permanent anxiety attack* over the Chinese solars since Friday, I still haven't pulled the trigger on a sell rec.
Here's today's Tickerspy Chinese solar index:

Today: +12.7%

Today vs S&P 500 : +11.8%

The action was led by CSIQ, up 24.5% while our favs, TSL and YGE were up a more muted 10.78% and 13.35% respectively.

*See Saturday's "Chinese solar stocks soar as earnings plummet. And: Chinese Solar Index Takes Top Spot":
We've been beating this drum publicly for two months* and I am starting to feel a bit of acrophobia.
Two examples, are Trina and Yingli. Since our March 31 post "A Bifurcated Market in Solar Stocks (ENER; FSLR; LDK; SPWRA; TSL; YGE)" Trina is up 137.7% (and is up 315% from it's March 2, YTD, bottom) while YGE is up 112.6% and 279.8%....
...The stocks were also up in late after hours trading Friday but I am feeling skittish and could probably get spooked by someone saying "Boo". Keep those mental stops tight.
And Tuesday's "AltEnergyStocks Cautiously Cautions: Be Cautious":
...Despite my nervousness about some solar names I haven't come out negative on the group yet....