Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AltEnergyStocks Cautiously Cautions: Be Cautious

I get a kick out of Tom Konrad. He's obviously sharp and just as obviously avoids controversy.
That is not to say he's bland, if you looked at a couple of his speculative ideas you might take up roller coaster riding as a meditative respite. (image via Freak Out)

From AltEnergyStocks:
Market Call: We're Near the Peak

The current rally from the March 5 bottom has been breathtaking, especially in Clean Energy, with my Clean Energy Tracking Portfolio up 70.5% since it was assembled at the end of February (as of May 1), 11% higher than it was at the three month update last week, and the S&P 500 is up 41% from its March low. Even in a better economic climate, gains of this magnitude would have me running for cover. In the current economic climate, with a gigantic mountain of debt keeping consumers out of the stores, makes me feel this bear market rally does not have much farther to go....

...Until then, I've been selling covered calls on what I do own, to hedge some of my downside risk....MORE

Despite my nervousness about some solar names I haven't come out negative on the group yet.

In Saturday's "Chinese solar stocks soar as earnings plummet. And: Chinese Solar Index Takes Top Spot"

I said:

We've been beating this drum publicly for two months* and I am starting to feel a bit of acrophobia.... and ...The stocks were also up in late after hours trading Friday but I am feeling skittish and could probably get spooked by someone saying "Boo". Keep those mental stops tight.

In Monday's "Solar: Street Feeling Upbeat After Intersolar Conference (Short 'em?)" it was:

Funny, I was just musing "What level should I start scaling in some shorts?". I'm not kidding.
Time to look at the MACD, grab a Big Mac, be the mac daddy, maybe Mack the Knife*....
Kudos to Tom. He may be a few percentage points early but booking 70% or so sure isn't dumb.
And just yesterday, although I think it could quadruple over 36-48 months, I suggested a partner may want to write some calls on Trina (TSL)!