Monday, October 6, 2008

Wall Street Journal Report: Environment

With all the action in the markets, I thought I'd hold off on this post 'til after the close. Then I forgot. Here's a sampling, from the Wall Street Journal:
Six Products, Six Carbon Footprints

The Color of Money
Businesses of all sizes are recognizing that going green can save money, open up new avenues of revenue, and help keep employees, shareholders and customers happy.
Up on the Roof

Everybody Into the Ocean

Lightening the Load

One of the biggest hurdles solar power faces is the price tag. Now a host of efforts are under way to chip away at the cost of solar.

Reading Up on the Environment

  • A lot of trees have been cut down to produce books on environmental issues. We thought it would be useful to identify the best ones, so we asked some environmental experts for suggestions....MORE