Friday, October 17, 2008

Update: Trina Solar is Leaving the Rut (^RUT; TAN; TSL)

Major Edit 2:01 p.m.: I got distracted with three different things and typed something that is just plain silly, sorry. (a small bonus to the young lady who diplomatically said "Umm...")
I am pulling the whole sentence.
Original post:
On Wednesday we pointed out that TSL was beginning to outperform the Russell 2000 and the solar ETF TAN. The outperformance seems to be in place, with one HUGE CAVEAT: over half of Trina's move came today, options expiration day and if memory serves, TSL had another OpEx day with a move to the upside, only to give it all back the following Monday....
...That said, here's where we stand vs. Wednesday's closing prices:

TSL up 13.90% ($12.95 to $14.75)
TAN up 4.94% ($11.53 to $12.10)
^RUT up 4.84% (502.11 to 526.43)

Chart via Yahoo Finance:
Chart for Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL)