Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let the Bloodbath Begin: Hedge Fund Redemptions

Remember the word 'deleveraging'?
From MarketFolly:

September 30th was the final day (end of the quarter) that investors in most hedge funds could request to redeem their money in December. If you've been following my posts on this matter, you know we're in for a rough ride. There have already been reports of massive redemption requests by investors. As of right now, redemption estimates are in the hundreds of billions. Nouriel Roubini, respected Professor of Economics at NYU, recently predicted this and said the run on hedge funds could last up to 2 years.

Why are investors running to redeem their money you might ask? Well, maybe it's because Hedge Funds have had a rough year just like everyone else. While there are some standout performers, the majority of funds have been on the losing side of things. Overall, the performance of hedge funds and fund of funds this year has been the most widely dispersed in six years. And, such dispersion is bound to cause redemptions. These redemptions cause hedge funds to sell out of their positions and raise cash....
...FT Alphaville captures the possible severity of the situation,

"The bottom line, according to industry outfit hedge fund research, is that up to 2000 hedge funds can be expected to be liquidated in the coming months. Given the complexity of the market - the way hedge funds and their holdings so interlace the financial system, this is a potential massive shock. It almost makes the failure of Lehman pale into insignificance. The Lehman collapse will be worked out over years. Hedge fund redemptions and liquidations will take days or weeks."
Simply put, hedge funds are deleveraging. Not to mention, you've got the added threat of hedge funds straight up liquidating and closing up shop....MORE