Friday, April 4, 2008

Uptick Alert, This is no Drill, Carbon in Spurt, Longs get a Thrill

On Tuesday we had "EU 2007 CO2 data release "may well be" April 2 (so buy the carbon credits April 1)"

On Wednesday "EU Carbon Emissions Up/Flat/Down, Whatev"

Here's how it worked out:
EUA price last 30 days
Latest 30 days

Chart from Point Carbon
This five second recap brought to you by Burma-Shave.

The midnight
Ride of Paul
For beer
Led to a warmer
Burma Shave

I know I didn't get the meter right but I hope stretching that double entendre into a global warming triple gets me back in your good graces:
A triple entendre is a rare occurrence in language where a phrase can be understood in any of three ways, thus "triple" and the French entendre ("understanding").