Tuesday, April 1, 2008

EU 2007 CO2 data release "may well be" April 2 (so buy the carbon credits April 1)

Two from Reuters:
The European Union's executive Commission said it will not publish on Tuesday carbon emissions by heavy industry in 2007, because of insufficient data, but itwould likely do so on Wednesday a Commission official said.
"It may well be tomorrow," a European Commission official, who declined to be named, said on Tuesday....MORE

Translation: "Our Emissions are up".
EU carbon market expects boost beyond 2007 data
The European Union's executive Commission is set to publish this week 2007 carbon emissions data suggesting a future shortage of emissions permits for heavy industry, under-pinning future carbon prices.

The Commission has said that if it has gathered sufficient data it will publish the data at 1200 Brussels time (1000 GMT) on Tuesday.

The carbon market is supposed to work by putting a price on carbon emissions, forcing businesses to trim their contribution to climate change, for example by being more energy efficient