Friday, April 4, 2008

Solar Stocks on a Rampage (ENER; ESLR;FSLR; LDK: SPWR; STP; YGE)

Thank you Notable Calls*.

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Senators: Deal reached to extend 'green' power tax breaks

Sponsors now call measure 'stimulus' bill...

ENER +4.76%
ESLR +6.91%
FSLR +11.00%
LDK +9.77%
SPWR +8.41%
STP +5.64%
YGE +3.11%

And thank you Cowen & Co. (we've said it before, most recently in Solar: Cowen & Co. Analysts Are Demi-Gods)

*Renewable Tax Credit Vote Friday? (ENER; ESLR; SPWR; STP)