Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Renewable Tax Credit Vote Friday? (ENER; ESLR; SPWR; STP)

From Notable Calls:

Proprietary Intelligence: Promising ITC Bill May See Senate Action This Week - Cowen

Cowen notes their sources in D.C. tell them that Senators Cantwell and Ensign are drafting an energy tax (ITC/PTC) bill--WITHOUT pay-fors, which could see Senate action Friday. Firm remains bullish on the prospects for such a bill, given the dropped pay-fors construction. they believe that it will be passed in both chambers, and that it should be signed into law during/before May.

Final term extensions are hard to handicap. Cowen thinks the Senate bill will have L-T extensions, but that these could shorten (to 1-2 years) in conference. They understand that passing the ITC/PTC is a high priority for Majority Leader Reid. One of the key developments was the consultation between parties, and with the White House. A positive ITC development should positively impact the stocks with greatest U.S. exposure, including Outperform-rated SPWR, ESLR, ENER, and STP.

Notablecalls: Great news. Too bad it's a week too late. Goes in the good to know but not actionable category.