Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Ya Think You're Pretty Smart: Transportation Edition

From the Telegraph:

Teleportation and forcefields possible within decades, says Professor Michio Kaku

Teleportation and forcefields could become scientific realities within decades, and time travel will also be possible in the future, according to one of the world's leading physicists.

Professor Michio Kaku of City University in New York has studied a range of scientific "impossibilities" and concluded that most will almost certainly be achieved as our knowledge expands.

Applying the rule that unless something breaks a law of physics "then it's not only possible, it is sure to be built someday", Prof Kaku has established a hierarchy of "impossibilities", separating those phenomena that are sure to remain science fiction from those which are likely to become reality at some point in the future. Teleportation, telepathy, forcefields and invisibility are Class 1 impossibilities, meaning they are likely to be realisable within a few decades or at most a century....MORE

We picked up on an earlier Telegraph story about the Good Doctor with:

Future of Science: 'We Will Have the Power of the Gods"

Alrighty then.