Saturday, April 19, 2008

Climateer "Quote of the Week"

Merideth Whitney has already been inducted into the Climateer
"Our Hero" hall of fame.
From the Bloomberg story
"The Rise and Rise of Analyst Meredith Whitney: Michael Lewis":

...The U.S.'s biggest bank was being managed to ensure only its bankruptcy. Citigroup would need either to raise capital, sell assets or slash its dividend -- possibly all three.

Whitney now says ``that call was absolutely straightforward, the easiest call I've ever made.'' But at the time, none of her fellow analysts was saying anything like it.

It took seven weeks, for instance, before another Wall Street analyst voiced doubts about Citigroup's ability to pay its dividend, and the expert response to Whitney's report was dismissive.

``Concerns about Citigroup's capital position and dividend policy, raised by a competitor, are overstated,'' wrote Bear Stearns Cos. analyst David Hilder, who also said he expected Citigroup to outperform the market.