Thursday, April 3, 2008

BLACKOUTS FOR GERMANY?: Power Overseer Warns of Possible Shortages. And: A Non-sequiter to Start the Day

From Der Spiegel:

German power companies have long been complaining about Berlin's intention to shut down the country's nuclear power plants by 2021. Now, a public overseer has likewise warned that power shortages may be on the way. They may come as early as this summer.

Germany likes to see itself as a pioneer when it comes to promoting renewable energies. But with the country maintaining its desire to shut down the last of its nuclear power plants in 2021 and steering away from coal-fired power plants as well, many see power shortages in the country's future.

And according to Matthias Kurth, head of Germany's Federal Network Agency which oversees Germany's power, gas and telecommunications markets, those shortages could be coming sooner rather than later. On Wednesday he said that Germany might experience power shortages as early as this summer

Germany plans to decommission its nuclear power plants by 2020. Now its finance minister wants the EU to reward the nation with a lower emissions reduction target.

German Finance Minister Michael Glos wants the European Union to allow Germany to emit more greenhouse gases in exchange for decommissioning its nuclear power plants....

I'm missing something, I don't get the connection.