Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Al Gore, Generation Investment Management and (Light) Green Investing II: Analysis

This is quick and dirty. Lysis means split in Greek, the first half of the word analysis refers to either the numbers cruncher or the fees.

Generation Investment Management Q1 13F
Generation Investment Management Q2 13F

For the quarter the DJIA was up 8.5%, The S&P 500 up 5.5%

GIM sold WOOF outright and at first I thought they missed the 5 point pop on July 26. Looking at the chart they might have gotten the same $41 price back on May 2. They lightened up on UBS (the stock was up less than 1% for the quarter) and WAT.

New names are DCI, NYX, VAR and the SPDR's. Boost the beta? That's a joke. A rather cynical joke. It's not a boring portfolio although it achieved the statistical anomaly of having Northern Trust close the quarter at the same price, $24.o5 as it closed the first quarter. Unfortunately it's in the 18's today.

Big movers up MBLX 50%, HDB 30%, ADSK 25%, JCI 22%.

Last quarter our comment was "The portfolio doesn't seem exceptionally green, although I like Johnson Controls and the biggest position is GE"
(among the Ecomagination businesses: Enron's wind business and the new hybrid locomotive, HT: Treehugger).

It's still not fluorescent, but interesting.
HDB (HDFC Bank) is either first or second largest in India.
Whole Foods is a leader in the Blogging/Organic/What was he thinking category. The stock was down for quarter.

Johnson Controls passed GE as the largest position. GE was up three bucks.

They added to 13 of the positions; more $ than they realized from the sale of the WOOF, so they're bringing in a fair amount of new money.
I wonder if Mr. Gore is out hustling the new biz.

I'll post more if I think of anything.